Support when it’s needed the most

Foundation Years Nurseries Case study

Kim Stevenson was thrilled to have the opportunity to start her own nursery,  having worked and trained in the sector for many years.

One of the immediate problems Kim encountered was a familiar one to many early years settings.

“Like me many business owners are not qualified or skilled in the essential facets of business management such as marketing, budgeting, finance and forecasting. It is hard to know where to go for valuable support. I began to find that I spent time dealing with these issues, without really knowing what impact they had on the sustainability of the business.”

The online toolkit within the Early Years Business Zone which includes Business Appraisal, Financial Management and a Staff cost calculator was created to help overcome these specific challenges.

The toolkit has been a real benefit for Kim “Tools such as these can give you the confidence you need to feel that you are focusing on the important aspects which will help your business to succeed.”

Kim also places great emphasis on continual development for her staff and continuous improvement for the setting.  Kim recognised that keeping up to date on current sector news and having access to relevant information and advice would be of a huge benefit to her business.

“Having a ‘one stop shop’ of resources within the Early Years Business Zone has really helped me and my  team find relevant information both locally and nationally.”

She concluded “I would definitely recommend that nurseries sign up the Early Years Business Zone, it has already proved to be a great resource to me and my business.”

If you haven’t done so already then register your details to access the free toolkit.


Foundation Years Nurseries in Debdale took part in NDNA’s 2017 Early Years Business Zone pilot study.