Business Appraisal Tool

A series of in-depth questions with recommendations that help you analyse your setting’s business performance and plan for the future.

The appraisal is divided into 12 sections covering every aspect of running a business: marketing, funding, financial management and more. This tool is designed so you can dip in and out of it as required and repeat each section at a later date.

It gives you a handy reminder of the actions you could be taking to improve the running of your early years setting.

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“A very valuable tool for future planning.  We will use it for business appraisals and to check progress against plans.” Deborah Penny, Area Manager, Christopher Robin Day Nurseries

On completion of each section of the Business Appraisal you will have the ability to review and download your results so please ensure you download your PDF results documents to your own device after completing each section. The Early Years Business Zone will not store your results online if you decide to go back and review a section your previous results will be overwritten.
We recommend you revisit the Business Appraisal every 6 or 12 month assess and appraise progress. But remember each time you revisit a section you must save the PDF results document to your own device.

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