FREE Online Demonstration Webinars (45 minutes)

We arranged a series of online webinars to demonstrate how to use all the elements of the EYBZ toolkit. These were led by Lorraine Walker, who has great experience of the sector and helped developed the toolkit. The presentation showed how the toolkit can help review and support the business operations of settings.

Lorraine presented slides to highlight the features of all three elements of the toolkit. She then entered some sample data on the Financial Management tool to show how the system generates a monthly budget. She then showed how the budget figures can be used to compare with actual results to monitor the monthly financial performance of a setting.

There were a maximum of 8 delegates per session. Details of how to logon the WebEx system to share Lorraine’s screen were sent a couple of days before each event. The instructions also explained how to listen to Lorraine via a computer or a separate phone line. All participants then had the opportunity to ask Lorraine any questions at the end of her presentation.

We had a great response to the webinars held on the following dates during the summer:
Webinar 1 (25 June) Webinar 2 (2 July) Webinar 3 (3 July) Webinar 4 (23 July) Webinar 5 (24 July)
Webinar 6 (26 July) Webinar 7 (31 July) Webinar 8 (28 August) Webinar 9 (30 August) Webinar 10 (4 September)

“Our webinar was very beneficial in terms of giving me the opportunity to fully understand the business support tools and how they can be best utilised for my particular setting.”

If you have any queries about the above, please email or call Terry on 01484 407070 ext 263.