FREE Individual 1-2-1 Phone Calls (30 minutes)

We arranged a series of opportunities for individuals to have one-to-one phone calls to ask questions about any aspect of the EYBZ toolkit. These calls were with Lorraine Walker, who has great experience of the sector and helped develop the toolkit. They provided an ideal opportunity for individuals to have confidential discussions with Lorraine about how the business tools could help improve the performance of their setting.

Lorraine allocated a wide range dates and times for the sessions, which were listed on this page of the EYBZ website. Individuals were able to book a session by email. They could also choose to just have a phone call, or logon to our WebEx system and share Lorraine’s computer screen so she could demonstrate various features of the toolkit.

These sessions were open to all, but with a focus for individuals new to the EYBZ business tools, new to the sector or new to management. The opportunity for a free one-to-one discussion with Lorraine was very popular with new and well established settings. There were numerous sessions arranged between the months of June and September and we had some excellent feedback from those taking part.

“The information provided was very clear and concise. Now, I just need to jump into it all and achieve some great information to take my business forward and to give me a much clearer picture on Financial Management.”

If you have any queries about the above, please email or call on 01484 407070 ext 263.